Saturday, December 6, 2008

Duck Hunting in Texas!

Protecting My Customers!
Duck Hunting - I'm GLAD the CROWDS are gone! I'm trying to find a politically correct way to let help people understand the duck hunting situation down here. It seems that Eagle Lake, Anahuac area hunters and other are getting the word that its great hunting down here...and you don't even need a guide just pick a spot. Now what has happened is people that do not know the area or get bored and start sky blasting birds are ruining the great hunting we enjoy from Rockport to Baffin Bay! So if you have not hunted this area avidly for at least 4 years, have constant communication with a few Duck Hunting Guides, Fish down here often to see where the paying parties are setting up (there really is NOT much good unclaimed areas)...if every single one of the previous statements do not fit you...Hire A Guide!  Example: 3 different groups of hunters setup outside of my lake blind, 2 groups moved there after hearing my shots, they weren't getting birds so they sky blasted birds that would have worked for us, another guy in an airboat tried to hunt the lake before I could get there in the afternoon, this is just not how things work down here guys, it ruins the time for people who actually pay to be put in the properly scouted areas! Other guides were complaining about groups hunting their blinds, setting up too close, destroying their property (Blinds) and nasty attitudes. You know just because we aren't in the blind probably means that we wanted to give that blind a doesn't mean it free for the taking, you are screwing a paying customer later! Please take this as constructive criticism, just trying to let people know what our hunting ethic is in this area! With all that said we should expect great hunting in the corpus area when the season starts back up...usually the crowds are busy doing other things! Thanks!